Miro's Story


“I really appreciate what (OMJ) Lake County did for me in giving me this opportunity”

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic Miro came to OhioMeansJobs-Lake County seeking career guidance. He had been working in the food service industry, the job he had was gone and he was no longer able to be successful in that field. After several phone conversations, we were able to assess Miro’s work history and skills and concluded that for him to successfully re-enter the workforce, he would need to be re-trained.  We let him know that if he was eligible, OhioMeansJobs-Lake County could pay for his training through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), a federally funded program. The schools and the programs that a person is interested in have to be on our approved list of providers. After further consideration and phone conversations, Miro decided that he would like to pursue a career in truck driving.

Truck driving is an approved program on our list and the providers are TDDS Technical Institute, Great Lakes Truck Driving School and Cuyahoga Community College.  I suggested Miro visit the three schools that we work with so that he can see firsthand how the school operates, their curriculum, and ask any question about the industry. Miro visited the schools and chose Great Lakes Trucking Driving School. We then completed all the eligibility requirements for him to be able to go to school to get his CDL license.  The eligibility process takes about 3-4 weeks and involves the signing of several documents. Once that was all complete, Miro was able to start school. The program takes anywhere from 5-7 weeks. Once he completed the classroom and yard portion of the training, he went on to take his test for his CDL.

Miro passed his final test and was successful in acquiring his commercial driver’s license. Most of our schools have placement departments to assist the students in obtaining employment and OhioMeansJobs-Lake County also offers that service. Now with his CDL in hand, Miro had multiple job leads form both Great Lakes and OMJ. After a few interviews, Miro accepted one of the job offers. Miro now has a great job with a company that delivers petroleum product to several different locations around Cleveland. This company offers benefits, bonuses, and retirement options. “I really appreciate what (OMJ) Lake County did for me in giving me this opportunity”, said Miro. Miro also added “They were able to give me the career guidance that I needed.”

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